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I've been following this guy for years since I was a victim of Andrew Briggs back in the 90s their was a few of us.So, I thought this might be helpful.

Yes, insurance investors, he is at it again as it might seem. Here is proof he has switched from cars to now your money. Do you pay a bond because your doing things the right way? Hes at it again, I hope someone shuts down his business, we had to shut down his old company exotic motors.

How did this guy get a license anyways?

corrupt systems we have.

Is this your agents signature ?????

Review about: Money Cars Contract Fraud.

Exotic Motors, not very Exotic, just broken

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When purchasing a car I was told by the salesman that the small issues would be taken care of even though I signed the paperwork.I drove over an hour on two different occasions and repairs still are not done.

I eventually take to the BMW dealer near my house and there are over $2500 worth of repairs. At one visit they told me I needed to wait until my warranty was in effect!!!!!!!!!! I was lied to.

I will be filing a case in small claims court for the repairs.I cannot believe it is so easy for some to lie to my face.

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